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David Brown – a con man? You decide…

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Southfield Office Condominiums website was developed in September 2011 at the request of so called Rev. Dr. David A. Brown Jr., for the newly formed LLC – Southfield Office Condominiums, owned by David Brown and Andrea Brown (Cooper).

The website was advertising for sale or lease the offices in the Blue Cross Blue Shields Buildings in Southfield, which David A Brown Jr. led everyone to believe he was in the process of purchasing,  claim made plausible by David Brown

  • establishing offices in the Blue Cross Buildings
  • being given access to come and go as he pleased, and having guests come and go to his offices
  • employing people to work starting Nov 1st, with binding legal contracts
  • signing maintenance contracts for different services (security, cafeteria, convenience store, credit union, possibly others)
  • signing lease agreements for spaces in the Blue Cross buildings like: Shoe Shine Shop or building 400 Cafeteria and keeping lease deposits
  • signing lease agreements for 5 yrs and taking deposits from non-profits for floors in buildings he did not own
  • even providing pictures and content (pilfered from other sites) to develop a website advertising the offices for sale

Under the false assumptions that David Brown perpetuated, people quit their jobs to come work for David Brown’s LLC, put in countless hours of work (legal work, construction planning, marketing), and handed him checks and cash for partnerships, cars , office leases, to buy other buildings and possibly more.

As of today, none of the claims made by David Brown materialized: no building purchases (not even deposits!), contractors and employees were not paid, no cars, no offices, no returning the money he wrongly took.  

Was this one elaborate Con?

We have very serious reasons to believe so. Not just that David Brown lied about his ability to purchase the buildings, chances are he lied about everything else, to everyone. Including him being a Reverend, MD or having a PHD.

All deadlines he  ever set (closings to purchase buildings, to return money he accepted under false pretenses, to pay employment wages, to pay for services, etc) have come to pass  without anything ever happening, or should I say they were postponed many, many times in typical David fashion.

His fantastic stories, were just that: Andrea Maria Cooper, aka Andrea M Brown aka “The Boss” is not his wife of thirty some years.  In fact, Andrea is 41 and from Detroit – Highland Park, while David is 49 and likely from New York.  Also, on May 16 2009, David A. Brown, known then  as Daviano A. Bruno (Daviano Bruno),  had just married a so called Margarita Villanueva from New York. While his address in New York changed frequently, it was always cheap apartments in low income neighborhoods (presently a small apartment in Harlem with rent in the $1000/mo range).

This may not be news for many of you, but if it is, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news. David Brown abused our time, resources, and took our money.  As lives were affected by his actions, idleness is not an option.

Please leave a comment bellow. We need to gather all the info and  send our reverend and the mighty priestess, where they both belong, with other low life scum and crooks.



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    What exactly was Andrea doing in Building 400 ( except for taking people’s money, of course?). How come she had a Blue Cross ID?
    Maybe Blue Cross can answer this!

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    What about the meeting at the City of Southfield? With the lawyers, mayor, council people??

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